In field update--memory stick

I’ve seen the following good link for in field updates:

However, I must use a memory stick, rather than an SD card.(of course my module has a user USB connector)…is there a companion link for this approach?
I have made one that does this using 4.1 several years ago and generally works well (though it takes a few gyrations of redefining the system memory space to get there). Now that I am using 4.2…wondering if there are any newer/better procedures that have evolved?

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Haven’t tested it recently, but the only difference between SD Card and USB stick should be the mounting and media root directory.

Wow, if that is all it takes, it seems like everyone would want to do this. I assume splitting the memory is now done automatically.

It works fine from USB. I use it all the time with G120 and G400 based systems.

I also used to update with usb however usb stick can be removed by enduser at any time during the process and even if there’s checksum mechanism we have prefered to first transfert from usb to sd and then update from sd. We also do the same with Eth. We transfert first the files on SD using FTP and then we update from SD.

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@ leforban - The GHI IFU feature allows to cancel the update at any time before FlashAndReset() is called.