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In field update from 3.0 to 4.1



We have several units deployed with v3.0 application. Just completed the code migration to 4.1.
Now we are testing the in-field update procedure to be able to update those units without visiting each site.

Each application version had its own method to perform the update from an SD card. The code for 3.0 is working OK for a long time and has performed several updates. As for 4.1 seems to be working too.
The fact is that we are unable to migrate an unit from 3.0 to 4.1 using systemupdate.

My findings/comments:

  • on the 3.0 app we deployed an SD card with these files: clr.hex, clr2.hex, config.hex, tinybooter.ghi, app.hex and managedbootloader.hex
  • WriteFirmware is being called for all files except tinybooter which goes with WriteTinyBooter
  • when running the update method, it does take some time and shows activity, but after rebooting the application is still the same

I’m missing something here? Can the v3.0 SystemUpdate handle a complete self-update to 4.1?

Appreciate your help on this. Tanks.


I wish I could you you can. We have tried very very much to make this possible but there has been major changes on 4.x to enhance the in-filed update quality but those nicer features and enhancements came at a high price, they are not compatible with old 3.1

We tried to do our best to think everything we very through so this will not happen when we move to 5.x in future (we hope!)

In summary, in-field update works perfectly but not across major revisions. We hope this wouldn’t cause you a lot of work.


Thanks for the explanation. Indeed it has caused several hours of work trying it and even worst will require local updates throughout the deployed units…

Anyway keep up the great work you guys have been doing.

PS: maybe this breaking change information could be posted on the help file or something. May save others time.



Is this feature still missing, or is it now possible to upgrade from 3.x to 4.1 ?

And what are the plans for 4.2 since 4.2 now has native build inn “In field update”
(maybe they are identical, I havent checked)



Unfortunately, this will not be possible. A manual update is needed.