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Important topics


We can often see very good topics that need more visibility. The last example being the TCP stack tutorial by Phillip2.
Each time it happens, Gus is asking for a wiki page and he’s right doing this. But maybe the authors of the topics do not know how to create a wiki page or, like Phillip2 said, the page will be created only after some time.

So, why not creating “Important” topics that would stay on top of the topics list ? Forum admins would tag a post as important when they want so it can stay visible and then, some time after, when the wiki page is done, un-tag the topic so it disappears from the top of the list.

What do you think ?


I like the idea. Basically, you’d be making a topic sticky.


Rather than sticky which cutters up the top, perhaps just make them stay on the first page? This would leave other topics that are new to be visible but also make it so a quick glance could find these other topics easily.


Alternatively, maybe there could be a hall of fame forum or something for specially tagged threads.


I think this is gonna be solved when the Code Exchange is ready.