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USPS has been implemented for some time now, so i wanted to take a second and notify people of a couple things you may or may now know about USPS.

Priority and First Class are NOT required by USPS to be scanned at every check point, resulting in very minimal tracking information provided to us.

Tracking pt.2
In most cases, after the package leaves the USA, it is almost impossible for us to look up where it is, until the receiver has received it. (Which makes no sense)

First Class does NOT get insured, so if you are buying something of value (i.e. boards) I would strongly recommend using a different shipping if it with high value or you need to get your order sooner.

Allow some time to pass before shooting us an email. If you believe your package is taking too long, feel free to email the company, and we will take care of your request as soon as possible.

Now with FEZ Panda around the corner, preorders are flooding the office.
We cannot split orders and send partial orders, if you are want your components now, you must place two separate orders.


trackingmail at fedex dot com

Please check your spam before emailing GHI for tracking

Hope this information helped, as always, we appreciate your feedback!
Happy developing everyone!


You forgot the “watch out or you’ll have to pay a lot of money for delivery” part. :wink:


Is USPS not delivering to Europe? As I placed my pre-order for FEZ Panda I only have the choice between FedEx Priority and FedEx Normal.


They do ship to Europe, but watch out for HUGE costs afterwards (VAT and other taxes)
I would suggest to use fedex, although it can happen with fedex too.

Border control randomly takes out packages and charge tax where needed.


I would like to add that packages with a value less than 50 usd can be marked as gifts and as such no VAT/Import tax is charged at the receiver’s end.

Now considering the Panda I pre-ordered costed me 20 usd, It would be very beneficial if GHI marked the package for Bulgaria as a “gift” :stuck_out_tongue:


I was told we have to put the value down, i will ask the guys though


In australia, it’s a federal offence to falsify information on a customs declaration, it’s a legal document. I believe this holds true in the USA too which is why the GHI guys would be reluctant to do this. They can get in a lot of trouble for falsifying the information on a customs form, which make the few dollars of customs you pay look like pocket change.


From what I headed USPS Priority parcels are rarely controlled/taxed by customs but FedEx and UPS are almost always taxed.

I ordered a $200 lens some time ago from witch was posted by USPS Priority and it wasn’t taxed. (I live in France)


Foike, the huge charges you are reffering to are duties due to your government. This has nothing to do with the shipping method nor has anything to do with GHI :slight_smile:


I never said it did, check out my post. With fedex it can happen too.
Anyway. This is something EVERYONE should be warned about. Why? Because Europe has similar taxes, and therefor people should be warned.

Nothing wrong with GHI, nor USPS, but you should watch out. ;D


While we’re on the topic of taxes…

For Australians:
Orders over $1000AUD will receive customs and GST. Keep your orders under 800USD and you should be fine :wink:


For a comparison here in Norway, you have to pay tax on any order over $32,- then you have to pay 25% extra on the total value plus the shipping cost. :’(


Yup, europeans get screwed on customs, i really feel for you guys.


If France, it looks like gambling :wink: Your order may be blocked at customs for unknown reasons and unknow delays, too.

Sometimes, it only costs a small amount while other times, for an even smaller package, you have to pay more than the real value of its contents ::slight_smile:


if you live in the uk such as myself i can confirm that fedex do occasionally levy the import tax if your import delivery is checked.

however from my own experience i have contacted the hmrc and if you can convince them that your item is for educational purposes it is possible to get the payment cancelled. i`m not saying this will always work as its on a case by case basis however it has worked for me.


I ordered a couple of pandas a while back, (when they were pre-order) anyone here know how long they should take to get to the UK?, I think i chose the cheapest mail option


Sad to say but it depends on your side.
We shipped all FEZ Pandas out on the 1st, so if you have any tracking questions feel free to email the website.


@ Peter, I ordered one when they were on preorder too, and sadly mine isn’t here yet either. Checking that website to track the order suggests that its in the country though…


After it got shipped to your country, border patrol and your own mail company will take over from there.

Delivery times vary with their speed and transfer rate. My delivery using USPS took 2 weeks. (Netherlands)



trackingmail at fedex dot com

Please check your spam before emailing GHI for tracking :slight_smile: