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Implementing OPCUA (OPC unified architecture)Server and / or Client on .NetMicro


Dear all;

I am actually learning the basics of developing OPCUA Server and clients for personal education.

I am actually peaparing the “TCP/IP Footprint” on a STM32 Boadr using a “classic embedded c - toolchain”.

Next step is to develop an OPC Server Solutions On Top basen on an OPCUA Toolkit for standard C.

After that i will be the implement an OPCUA Server and client on Windows 7 Desktop Systems by using .net SDK`s .

At this point i am wondering if it is possible (if not why) implementing an OPCUA Server / or Client on one of the .netMF boards offered by GHI?

Does someone has experience with OPCUA on .netMf ?
Thanks in advance.

With kind regads



Welcome to the forum.

I don’t know the OPCUA protocol, but on NETMF boards you can implement any TCP or UDP based protocol.
In fact the code should be nearly identical with .NET code for Windows OS.
Or the other way around.
If you implement networking stuff for NETMF, you can usually compile it for Win.NET with very little modifications. These modifications can easily be achieved by using #ifdef.
The GHI premium board (EMX, G120 or G400 based) usually can handle any protocol easily. Can’t tell you for the others (Cerb, …) never used any of these.



thank you for the friendly welcome: :);

My idea is to use the FEZ Cobra II (Net) Board as Base for my TCP/IP based Communication developments.

The Concept of TCP/IP communication at a lower level is quite new i think this board
will be a good base for some further investigation and training work in the NEFMF Area.

After i have build a OPCUA Testserver on an Win Desktop and tested it with am OPCUA Testclient, i will port the work down to the FEZ Cobra, we will the what the progress is ;-).




I shortly have build a device with G120 SoM (as Cobra II uses it) with heavy network traffic.
It uses FTP and some other non standard TCP protocols with multiple other devices.
It’s working great so far.
So I think your project will work with that too.