Implementing DHCP Server

We are testing the Ad-Hoc (as host) feature of RS21 wifi module.
It would be cool if we test it with a smartphone’s wifi. But we need DHCP server. Have any of you guys developed a simple DHCP server class and probably would like to share it? :wink:

Hi Joe,

Have you seen this one?

It’s a great tool. Helped me a lot.

Thanks guys

Hi Joe,

We need the RedPine Rs9110 with our FEZ Cobra to act like a small FTP Server host (but use the Infrastructure mode with DHCP server) in order to enable smartphones to see the FEZ Cobra as an access point, receive an IP address and enable transfer of files using an FTP Server.

So far, i’ve started testing the Wifi using the Adhoc mode and the FTP Server (Rose FTP by Skewworks) . This works. But now need to move on to a more general simple solution for clients to use their Wifi enabled phones , so Infrastructure mode with DHCP server is the way to go.

Where are you in your testing?


RedPine’s new WiFi module RS-WC-201 is the way to go :wink:

What i have done as a tweak to make it easier to communicate to a .net mf device is adding the IP address to the SSID. Once connected it’s easy to discover which IP address to use. Setting the device IP in the range of allows easy communication with iPad, iPhone or Laptop.

The disadvantage i discovered using Ad hoc is that its not supported on (all) android systems. I am not sure about Android above version 3.

This uses an integrated TCP/IP stack, isn’t it? This way we lose the rich .NET Socket libraries and the higher resources available in EMX or ChipworkX.

DHCP server should be easy to implement using .NET Sockets, isn’t it? I was excited to try it out but did not have time. I wish that someone from the community helps us with this.

Yes. It’s a fairly simple protocol based on UDP.
Why would it be needed?

I got some good news from RedPine today for you guys. There is a big possibility to add Infrastructure creator mode for RedPine modules that we use with our products soon. This means that for example EMX can be listed as an access point. The other device “smartphone” does not need to support Ad-Hoc to connect to it. ;).

As for DHCP server need, connecting to a Smartphone is a perfect example. I want my phone to connect to EMX and turn on the coffee maker through wifi and withough the need to setting a static IP.

That sound promising Joe. :slight_smile: For most home projects it might not be so important but for a commercial market and non technical users its very important to make things as simple as possible. Hopefully red-pine can also come up with a WPS function :wink:

About RS-WC-201 you are right…