Implementing a driver for the Xbee Wifi module

When implementing a driver for a networking device that has full TCP/IP capabilities, is it best to leverage the NetworkInterface Class found in the framework, or to just reinvent the wheel and build everything from scratch?

Is there a template for implementing these things? My intent is for full HTTP/1.1 support.

Not sure about NetworkInterface.

But instead to reinvent everything you could use the TCP/IP stack from mIP.
It allows to ‘just’ provide the hardware layer by implementing an interface.
But it does not allow using Socket class as far as I know.

“Normal” network drivers are implemented in native code. mIP is different, it implements the stack in managed code. The functionality is a bit more limited in some scenarios, but it could very well be enough, and it’s a heck of a lot easier to implement.

@ godefroi, The Attack? ???

Ah, yes, sorry, should’ve been “the stack”. Darn phone keyboard…