Impedance Matching

I’m trying to daisy chain my power step 01 drivers on a perf board but I’m getting reflections and noise on the lines (as seen on my scope) What is the easiest thing to do to eliminate such problems (apart from custom pcbs)? I thought that putting resistors on the lines toward GND is supposed to eliminate some of these problems.

Use large caps by reach board?

What constitutes large?

1000uF or larger

Between Clock and gnd, MOSI and gnd and MISO and gnd?

No no, on the power lines. Having a clean power source is where I would start.

Oh, the board is being powered by Endpoint Domino.

Motors from the domino power? Not sure that would work unless you have very tiny motors

No, it’s to SPI daisy-chained stepper motor drivers. Motor power is also coming from USB PD at 20V