Images of the Monkey and other graphics

Looking for the classic FEZ Monkey image to put on our Fezes, please post the image you think should be on our Fezes.


Does these count as classic? :smiley:

We are on it! hold on :slight_smile:

For the dark side…

OMG! I forgot to update my firmware!

What is that huge box in front of the monkey, though? :smiley:

Monkey is testing Video out module…

Somewhere deep in GHI’s basement.

Naw… that’s just one of them ancient devices called a CRT. :slight_smile:

Yes, they are next to the room where the 1000 monkeys on 1000 typewriters trying to write the greatest novel known to man. :smiley: "It was the best of time it was the blurst of times"

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@ Aron - Good one!

Cool! Clicking individual items gives 404



We’re sorry, but /downloads/resources/shirts/ could not be found.

I love you guys.

Gotta have the “Strong Iron Monkey”… chics dig him :slight_smile:

Much better!

Might want to put something in his hands… He looks like the FEZ nipple pincher :smiley:

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That is left out on purpose. This is where you add your own, lets say a wooden ipad…hint hint!

hahahaha - classic