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Image Upload


Image upload is now available when you post. Enjoy! :o


Can we test this out?

Everyone, please post a picture of your project/board/kids…whatever you want to show everyone…even a monkey if you want! :slight_smile:


Very nice :dance:

Edit: aawww, why is my GIF not animating? :think:


Conversions are done and animated gifs aren’t supported.


Darn! All my good gifs are animated…


Aw, that’s a bummer. Maybe make it so that FEZ Seniors and above can post GIFs? :whistle:


Should we limit the size of the image i.e. 1280x960 pixel as well as the size in MB?
So image won’t be too big and fall off of the message frame.
And will the image will be automatically adjust the size to fit inside the message frame in case it is too big?



Images are resized and a thumb is created too. Go ahead, upload a very large image and let us know how it looks :smiley:

…josh goes all the way when adding new features :o


OK here is my 3.61 Mb image.