Image types supported by Glide?

According to the NETMF Bitmap documentation, the following bitmap types are supported:

1bpp Indexed
24bpp RGB
32bpp RGB
48bpp RGB
16bpp RGB 555 (five bits for each color, one bit unused)
16bpp RGB 556 (five bits each for red and blue, six bits for green)

I’m creating a bitmap to use as a background image in an 800 x 480 window. I know that there are memory issues to deal with. I’m trying to understand how the size and bit depth of the original image are translated into the resulting bitmap image saved as a Resource:
[ol]what image file types can be imported into the Resource editor?
are the original image’s bpp retained in the Resource bitmap that is created?[/ol]

EDIT: I also found this info:

All color bitmap formats are silently converted to 16bpp RGB (565) at build time for the managed application. 1bpp monochrome bitmaps are compressed at build-time.

When loading bitmap data at run-time:

Only 16bpp (565 format) and 24bpp RGB formats are supported by BitmapImageType.Bmp.

I’m answer to #1 Bmp, gif and jpeg.

As for #2 I’m not sure.

Thanks Skewworks. I’ll do some experimenting to try to figure it out.

By this I assume that color images are always stored as 16bpp RGB 565 in the binaries.
This would make sense, because all displays I know are 16Bit.

You might be able to check the exact format of the bitmap when loading on the device. Not sure if the methods are there to do so.

You could also save the bitmap loaded from resources to a file on SD and then check it on PC what format it is.

Just to add to this, I have found that interlaced GIF files are not supported. Non-interlaced appears to be ok.

This may be obvious to some but not to me ;D