I'm confused... create a TCP client. help me

I want to create a TCP client.

I’m confused.

FEZ Hydra Mainboard, FEZ Cerberus Mainboard using the
Use ENC28 Module.

I can I succeed?

Some samples are used. But they are not stable.

if I have a premium product (FEZ Spider Mainboard) using the
I can easily create a TCP Client?
This premium product is fully functional TCP connections do?
? tell me…true…

I simply ENC28 and FEZ Cerberus
DHCP received, made ​​to set ip adress…
and , sending data and receivce data…
But it sometimes does not work, unplug the cable is not detected.
( dont’s get ipaddress (dhcp)

If I can I use the Wiznet 5200 products?
It requires no software driver do?
How can I use the Wiznet 5200 IC?
wiznet 5200IC is stable ?

Or use 5200IC and premium products (FEZ Spider Mainboard)?

I think I must be the product of the unit price.

All EMX, G120 and G400 boards support a full TCP/IP stack, so you can do anything with them (no matter if ENC28 or builtin Ethernet).
Programming works nearly the same as on windows .NET Framework.

I think it’s the same for Cerb based boards, if you use the Networking firmware.

thanks Very helpfull