I'm a FEZ Hero!

Check it out! I’m now a FEZ Hero. It looks like I also broke my user EXP rating, too :smiley:

Congrats man!

Congratulations Chris!!! :clap:
Wait for me, so we can both be heroes :smiley: :smiley:

U deserve it, Hero!

well done, and thats one more message on my way to stardom

:clap: Finally, the first FEZ Hero :clap:

I want to send you a gift but you already have everything! Maybe FEZ Panda :wink:

Congratulations Chris. Keep up the good work!!!

Good work chief.

Congrat, Chris. :clap:

I wondered, What’s your specialty, or what kind of power you have?? ::slight_smile:

Hahaha, that would be awesome. Anything to help RWAR along :smiley: I actually have been thinking about getting a Rhino to offload some of the interrupt heavy stuff. 2 PPM decoders (both extremely interrupt heavy), GPS UART, IMU UART, Netduino UART… There’s a ton of that sort of thing.


Congratulation Chris!

Rhino to Chris! Rhino to Chris! Rhino to Chris! Rhino to Chris! ! :slight_smile:

Congrats, Chris! Keep up the good work!

Lol, you just noticed! Congrats dude. and yea looks like the exp points system has a bug :smiley:

Congrats man :smiley: your avatar looks cool hahaha XD:P

It did seem to have bug, I remember Chris has 750 at some points, did he get penalty at some points too? :smiley: . I guess the penalty was for he keeps too many secrets about FEZ ?

Looks like josh fixed it.