IL-G-ALPHA Rev2 Gadgeteer Mainboard

So even though I spent the last week @ Build 2016, I was able to build the new version of the Alpha today. Here are a few shots. The first one is just the mainboard and the second one has the WROOM02 based WiFi card in the slot!


Nice! What kind of slot is that?

@ ianlee - The slot is just more ports coming off the G80. UART, I2C, PWM, SPI and a few GPIOs. So the slot can be used for really anything.

No picture, but there is a MicroSD card holder on the bottom.

I’ve never seen one of those connectors. Is it made specifically for castellated pins?

@ ianlee - No, those are the pins of the WiFi module, the connector is 30 pins on the bottom of the PCB. Made by Samtec in various sizes.

Samtec connector



Ah, I see now. So, there are only connections on the bottom edge of the card that the WiFi module is mounted to. The picture makes it look like the castellated sides are what is contacting the socket.

Yes, the WiFi module barely fit in the slot.

If there was a connector for castellated pins what would it look like? Would simple header pins suffice?

@ Mr. John Smith - Not sure what a castellated connector would look like and yes simple header pins would work too, but I liked the idea of the “slot”.

[quote=“Mr. John Smith”]If there was a connector for castellated pins what would it look like?quote]

Well, it would look just like this, of course. :wink: