IFU Firmware Update with no external RAM

Currently, as per the documentation, to do IFU/OTA firmware updates requires the additional external RAM. Is that going to change in the future or should I plan on needing the external RAM in future projects?

This is very tricky and we looking into it but if you need the full experience you will need one if the modules that have additional memory.

okay, sounds reasonable. For this particular project I am looking to get as small as I can, is there any SDRAM that is compatible with the SitCore processor that is BGA instead of the larger TSOP package?

Today we only support/tested the one sdram we have on our SoM. And to do that on your own board you need to order the 260 chip directly as a special order as this is not in distribution. I suggest you discuss your project with or team directly.

@Gus_Issa, thanks for the reply. I slept on it last night and I think I have a better solution that can use an existing module. I know in time, as the SitCore/TinyCLR ecosystem grows there will be more options.

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We always encourage our commercial users too share their design and work with us, which helps us in planning three future.

We can sign an NDA is necessary.