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If your read the application with the GHILoader G command and write it with the L command, does it include the managed bootloader



Let’s say we create a file by having a panda with a managed bootloader + application and reading it with the GHILoader G command.

If we then write that file to a new panda (with the correct GHI firmware) using the GHILoader L command,
will that deploy both the managed bootloader and application or will the SystemUpdate.SystemUpdateMode remain “Unformatted”?


I think it will deploy both and correct format but I am not sure this was tested before.


I had problems doing this at first.
But if you delete the managed part first (D) and then load the hex file it does indeed work :slight_smile:

So you read it using G
Take a new Panda, update it using the USBzi updater
And load it using L

The device ends up in application mode.

That’s great !