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If you have a daughter you will understand


Saturday morning I am watching the Lions games and my 4 year old daughter brings me a credit card of mine and says “Daddy, this is the dot com edition”. So, I ask her what she means and she replies with “It means you can buy me a new toy”, needless to say we went to the toy store after the game.




@ David@ Emrol - it really thru me off when she called it the “dot com edition”, I have no idea where she would of picked up that phrase but it means she is a “nerd” at heart so I had to get her something…lol


Ah yes, the daughter has Daddy under scenario you mean?

With having a teenage daughter, my wife and the wee lass are always at each other and it takes Dad here all his time to smooth things over and it usually ends up with Dad buying the wee lass new clothes etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


@ Dave McLaughlin - she sure does, she even knows what to do like on Sunday afternoons when the Lions are playing, she’ll sit on my lap and say “go blue team!”

I can only imagine the teenage years, but I would be willing to bet my experiences will be similar to yours…lol


@ Gary - Sounds like she’s figured out how to “work the atm” :smiley:


@ Mr. John Smith - I fear it’s only going to get worse. :wall: ;D


@ Gary - Hey, how did she get hold of your credit card? “My daughter go hold of my credit card” <- sound like the title of a horror essay they ask you to write in school.


@ Mr. John Smith - It was on my desk and I had her set up to draw so I could watch the game and next thing I know we were on our way to the toy store.


Mine is asking for a car now. And it is not a toy car :open_mouth:


As Dave Ramsey likes to say, “No is a complete sentence.” :slight_smile:


@ Gary - lol…I have a few years until that however it is already pretty terrifying to think about cars and dating.


I made the mistake of saying yes when my daughter asked for a pony! A lot of money was turned in manure.


Must be pretty disturbing, since it has you talking to yourself. :wink:


@ devhammer - see, how upsetting it is, I was supposed to be talking to @ Architect


@ Mike - I think I could easily say no to the pony


You will buy the pony… and the new gear… and the trailer… :whistle:


David, you must have a daughter. :wink:


@ David@ Emrol - lol…you are probably right, it’s easy to say no when she isn’t asking.


Same stage as Architect… she want’s a car now… :open_mouth: