IEEE - Easy Prototyping With Microsoft Gadgeteer

Nice article about Gadgeteer in April’s IEEE, nice work Steve Hodges. This is the sort of stuff we nice to help spread the gospel of Gadgeteer and let people see just how uber cool it is.

Justin might want to take some Diazepam before reading about the ‘practically Jurassic seven-segment LCD or LED numeral display’ however :slight_smile:


I like his 3D printed enclosure!

I just like 3D printing!

Anyone here with experience on the price of a custom enclosure that can contain a Spider and some extras?

That’s one nicely polished project. Of course, you wouldn’t expect less from one of the creators of Gadgeteer!


@ devhammer - Welcome to the kinghood by the way!

@ Architect - W00t!

It’s good to be the king! Or at least A king. :smiley:

All hail the [new] king!

Yes your majesty :slight_smile:

@ Duke Nukem - Duly medicated, and still love it - good stuff indeed :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - Welcome Sir Hammer

@ Duke Nukem - I might have to find his address and send him some Jurassic displays :smiley:

I guess he is in cambridge. It would be great to go and see the guys up there and see what other goodness they are dreaming up.

I have sent him an email asking that very question :wink:

Let me know what he says, i may just tag along


Funny, I pinged him too. Now he’s going to think I’m spamming him !

@ Brett - lol