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IE9 and forum


Hi guys,

i’m sorry but i can’t post a topic in this forum in IE9, when a “New topic” form is filled I can’t hit the “New topic” button, when I press mouse key on it nothing happends. Could you guys try to look what’s wrong with it ?




I am on IE9 on Win7 and am not having an issue. At one stage I did have to run compatibility mode, but I don’t think that’s necessary now (it may have been actually in the beta timeframe). I’ve just checked and I am NOT running compat mode for at the moment.

I’ve seen the reply buttons not work when javascript failed to download fully before a page timeout, that seems to be related to the very AJAX nature of the site, plus my periodically dodgy 3g network :slight_smile:


IE9 on Win7 Pro 32 and 64 bit machines with no issues… There were some strange things going on in the IE9 beta as Brett mentioned, but I haven’t had issues recently. I have found that clearing your IE cache and logging out and back in occasionally will magically resolve an issue, but htat seems to be centered around your displayed “rank”.

@ Brett - How did you get your hands on a very alpha version of Win9? :smiley:


D’oh !