IDE for mBuino

I’m looking for a simple IDE or set of command line tools for compiling and linking mBuino (and other mbed LPC1768) code locally on my PC. What would be awesome is if it runs on mac os x as well since that is my primary platform. The online compiler is getting a bit unruly given the number of programs I have. Also I want to put my code in github.

Looking for recommendations. Ideally $zero cost and simple. I don’t need anything fancy.

So what do you use?


I am using Em:Blocks. Very easy to use.

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Isn’t keil free for up to 32kb of flash? Basically free for mbuino.

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Same is IAR.

I have tried both Keil, which as Gus says is free for up to 32K and em:blocks. But because I also have larger mbed boards (STM Nucleo) I decided to standardize on em:blocks.

I also like CoIDE, I used that for most of the stuff in the past, but I have not yet tried it with mbed. I like CoIDE because it has a good library of examples that you can use to get the basics going if you are not using anything other than CMSIS, but with mbed this is all taken care of.

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Just installed EmBlocks. Very impressive! My gut says this is built on the VS shell?

It is built using Code::Blocks, AFAIK Code::Blocks uses Scintilla, may not be VS.

Does a pretty good VS impression. Overall, looks much cleaner than Eclipse.