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iButtonLink 1-Wire sensors working



just want to mention that I have my sensors working on Fez. I will not be publishing the code anywhere because these 1-Wire sensors are a bit particular and I think not many people use them.
If you do have them and want the code, leave your email address and I’ll be happy to send it over.

The iButtonLink sensors can be found at:

Attached is an image of the sensors I have.



What do these sensors do?



All sensors have the DS2438, which is in essence a battery monitor, though used in a other way.
Overview of the sensors I have:
MS-T: Only Temperature (13bit resolution)
MS-TL: Temperature and Light (LDR)
MS-TH: Temperature and Humidity (using a HIH-3310, newer models have the HIH-4000)

both the LDR and Humidity sensor are connected to the DS2438 Vad inputs, and can be queried over 1-Wire.

Besides these, they have also
MS-TV - Temp and Volt 0-10V
MS-TC - Temp and Current 0-20A
MS-TPD - Temp and pressure/air flow

The nice thing with these sensors is that each sensor has 2 RJ45 plugs, and using plain Cat5/6 cables, you can quickly build a 1-wire network.

I’m not affiliated with them, just mentioning the possibilities in case anyone is interested.





I love the idea of using off-the-shelf cables