I2C With EMX Dev Board

Hi Total Newbie here,

I’m just trying to implement a I2C Temp Interface (TMP102) to the EMX board.
I’ve checked a few of the other examples but they are for other baords.

Does anyone have any examples of this with EMX Dev Board? I’m unsure about the address to use for the I2C interface, whether this is based on the board or the device im connecting to. i2c is just a bit alien to me at the moment.

Cheers in advance.

the address is the i2c device’s address; that is the hardcoded address that the device has, and doesn’t change based on the microcontroller you connect it to.

Just remember that the address is 7 bit on .netmf not 8 bit as described on the device datasheet… ie address : 0xC0 becomes 0x60… netmf takes care of the read / write bit.

Cheers Ian

EMX dev board or any other board, they all share the same I2C interface. So read I2C in the beginner guide book and connect the right wires, SDC and SCL then it will simply work :slight_smile:

Great, Thanks for the clarification guys.

This is not to say that the i2c device cannot change its address. Most i2c devices have a few address pins (hardwired) that you can pull high to select a different address.