I2C Slave on TinyCLR

Did TinyCLR OS Implement I2C Slave functionality? If not, then what would be the best way to do this. I want to connect a TinyCLR device to a master device over differential I2C.

No slave at this time.

Is there any IC that I can use to connect a master device as a slave?

Never seen one. What are you connecting?

NXP has an SPI to I2C bridge but I believe it only operates as a Master on the I2C bus. If it is a non-commercial project, probably a small micro-controller would be the best option to handle the bridging.

It’s commercial. But which controller? something Mbed, Ardunio RP2040?

Perhaps you could use a PCF8574

I’ve used an ATTiny814 as a quadrature counter and used the I2C SLAVE bus to communicate with it.

You could use the UART to talk to the TinyCLR processor to send and receive the data.

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Yea guys, you know I’m stubborn already. Perhaps I should rethink my solution. The problem I’m trying to solve requires CAN bus, but those complex and I only have 3 nodes in the system. I2C works for the sensors and the PWM drivers, however, since the drivers are attached to heaters I need a foolproof way of not burning the equipment to the ground.

I haven’t been able to find an I2C chip that can monitor and control a heater using input from a thermistor. That would solve for all.