I2C Slave on TinyCLR

Did TinyCLR OS Implement I2C Slave functionality? If not, then what would be the best way to do this. I want to connect a TinyCLR device to a master device over differential I2C.

No slave at this time.

Is there any IC that I can use to connect a master device as a slave?

Never seen one. What are you connecting?

NXP has an SPI to I2C bridge but I believe it only operates as a Master on the I2C bus. If it is a non-commercial project, probably a small micro-controller would be the best option to handle the bridging.

It’s commercial. But which controller? something Mbed, Ardunio RP2040?

Perhaps you could use a PCF8574

I’ve used an ATTiny814 as a quadrature counter and used the I2C SLAVE bus to communicate with it.

You could use the UART to talk to the TinyCLR processor to send and receive the data.

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Yea guys, you know I’m stubborn already. Perhaps I should rethink my solution. The problem I’m trying to solve requires CAN bus, but those complex and I only have 3 nodes in the system. I2C works for the sensors and the PWM drivers, however, since the drivers are attached to heaters I need a foolproof way of not burning the equipment to the ground.

I haven’t been able to find an I2C chip that can monitor and control a heater using input from a thermistor. That would solve for all.

Not sure of the practicality, but we could sure use I2C slave (SW via user defined GPIO?) on 13048Q. Our application would be using 13048Q’s as a data collection ‘hub’ on daughter boards that only have i2c bus to the main board.

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Why software and not hardware i2c?

I had it in my head that 13048Q only had 1 hw i2c. I see that’s wrong. Hardware master and slave at the same time would be awesome.