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I2C on I012 & I011


On my cobra I am trying to use the barometric pressure sensor BMP085. I beleive this is I2C. From the board layout it shows IO12 and IO11 pins for I2C. Since there are 3 pins for JST connections which pin (of the 3) do I hook up SDA and SCL to?


Use the Pin in the middle of JST connectors.


Pinout is here page 21

Do not go by colors please


Thanks, I remember reading/seeing that document before. Wanted to verify.

So there is only one I2C for cobra?


Why need more? I2C is multi-slave bus so you can have multiple slaves on the same wires.


yep, that makes sense. Thanks.


Furthermore, you can use up to two BMP085 on the same I2C bus (look chapter 4.2 of the Data Sheet) using an extra pin for selecting each sensor.

By the way in case you need, there is a driver for this sensor I made available on Fezzer. Please report any bug…