I2c mac eeprom

I thought I would show off another small project.
It’s a 2K I2C EUI-48 MAC EEPROM from Microchip. http://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/Devices.aspx?product=24AA02E48 It plugs into an “I” socket but passes through all the signals so the socket can still be used for other items.

(It would be nice if GHI included the $.20 piece on the boards with built in Ethernet as a unique MAC is required.)


Little pass through module!

Very nice!

I thought that GHI has a IEEE OUI that they could assign from and don’t need to use a Microchip OUI.

@ skeller - Nice design. Looks super easy to use too. Given the write protected 6-byte EUI-48 code, this could be good for other GUID-type requirements such as CAN bus node identification.

Thanks for sharing.

Fixed the link to the chip.
Thanks for sharing, would be nice if you could add it to code share with the driver… and an example of how to use it …

Nice find and a cool design with the pass through indeed!

@ Jay Jay - Thanks for fixing the link. I will clean up my code for reading the MAC and post it. Its pretty straight forward.

@ Rajesh - GHI does have a OUI - 00:21:03. I wasn’t aware that they could assign them but I assume that it is on a custom/quantity bases. To my knowledge, someone correct me if I am wrong, none of the main boards come with a true hardware MAC address.