I2C Comm between Cerb and Cobra II

Hi again, I have only socket 1 (HI) on the Cerb left, and want to communication with a Cobra II - was planning to try I2C but are having problems finding examples for interboard communication using I2C.

Other people have asked this forum for assistance on this, but no-one really got it solved.

Some people have indicated that NETMF does not support being a slave on the i2c bus, if that is true, what to do then?

Thanks for any pointers.

In netmf, i2c is a master nut a slave. You can do it using rlp but it is not worth the work. Maybe use uart instead.

Hmm, would software uart be possible on that socket?

Why is that?

basically because you have to write the lot. The UART hardware helps you a huge amount, probably more than you realize. Perhaps you’d be better off taking the software I2C and extend that to cover the slave capability?

Personally, I’d ask are you using all the UARTs themselves or just the pins around them ? If you haven’t used them all, figure out how to move your connected devices around to free one up.

@ andre.m - Indeed I do :wink:

Thanks for replies, I had a suspecion that there was more code than hoped for.

will think about moving around

there is an example for I2C Client in CodeShare. Don’t know how hard to implement…


What do you want to communicate over I2C, only one direction or read and write, only a few bytes per second or high speed huge volume data transfer.

@ RoSchmi - Thanks, does not look too complicated, but I am trying to free some uarts…

Might fall back to this. Only need a few simple signals…