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I2c bus for .Net Micro Framework written in VB and C#


I am working on a project that requires a least 2 i2c devices.

I posted the i2c bus for .Net Micro Framework written in VB and C#.

The class libraries for 24LC256 EEprom devices and SS1306 OLED

devices written in VB and C# are included in the posted project.

The code is here:

I think the code can be easily translated for Tinyclr.


Hello, dweaver! You didn’t mention what platform do you use. Please see


The software is very generic. But since you asked I am using a board

with custom .Net Micro Framework 4.4 firmware see this:

I am using Visual Studio 2017 to comple the code thanks to Justin’s

VSIX he posted here.

The software should work with any board using .Net Micro Framework.