I2c ADXL345 Data Output


I got the adxl345 accelerometer to output data but I am getting very strange readings. They look something like this:

x=15, y=65529, z=245
x=15, y=65529, z=245
x=16, y=65528, z=244
x=16, y=65528, z=244

Thanksfully these are not the actual g readings in Sweden or we would be ripped to threads. Any ideas?

I think those are the raw values 0 -> 64K so you need to scale these down.

Thanks !!!

Actualy it seems the 65000 is for negative g. I don’t know why it is outputting like this. for example with the y axis pointing downward I get:

x=14, y=65523, z=244

The when I put the z upside down I get:

x=51, y=27, z=65276

As an example.

The other problem is the scale is set depending on what g setting you choose. I do not know what the default is as I am using a slightly modified example found in the chat section. As this is improved I will gladly post it in the code section as it is not there.