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I2C Acknoledge



I’ve got an I2C component and I need to communicate with it.

The frame provided by the constructor says this:

To write data, here is the sequence

Start / Adresse 0x57 / Write / ack / 0x06 / Ack … / Stop

What do I need do make it work ?

I guess I have to create a Write Transaction but what do I have to put in the buffer to be
provided to the write transaction ?

Do I only have to give something like that :

byte[] data = new byte[4]{0x06, OneData, TwoData, ThreeData};

or do I need to do something else ?

thanks a lot


We handle everything internally, you only need to send your data…skip ack/nack/stop/start…etc.



So If I only need to send


I only need to create bye[] with 3 data as 6,0x33 and 0x33 ?

Is that correct ?


Have a look at my driver for the Devantech LCD : (link removed)
It may help you. Also, you should know in which register to write and what data you have to send. What is your component ?



Here is the PDF document to write and read my component…

here is the link to get the small documentation…

Can you tell me if what I do is ok.

For writing sensor heat, I do

One transaction will only WriteTransaction with byte[4] ==> 0x06,0xF0,0xF0,0xF0…

After doing this, only the first value seems to be send…

For reading the value of the resistance, I do this:
WriteTransaction with buffer byte[1] = 0x00
ReadTransaction with buffer byte[6];