I wonder how much .Net MF differs from WinPRT

The new Windows phones run Phone 8 - otherwise known as WinPRT (as opposed to WinRT that’s used by Surface).

Since each of these runs on ARM processors I do wonder if WinPRT is based on or borrows from .Net MF?

I know that MF is a framework and WinPRT is an OS, but it would strike me a desirable from Microsoft’s point of view to consolidate or share as much as possible across these three platforms.

I’ve been writing code recently for Surface and Phone and many basic classes and stuff that one would take for granted are not present or are present in some different form on each platform.

It’s been difficult creating code that can run on desktop, surface and phone and I’ve needed to rely on compiler directives to get what I want from a single source code base.

I don’t know how the “Snapdragon” (the ARM chip used by a typical Windows phone) stacks up against and ARM 9 but I know it uses the same instruction set as an ARM 7.

In theory - one would think - WinPRT could be released for use by microcontrollers, certainly the more powerful ones…


@ Barraty - I would tend to think it differs quite a bit. When developing for WP8, you have access to much more than the netmf offers, e.g. a subset of Silverlight, generics and LINQ to name a few.