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I will be visiting Belgium and the Netherlands later this year


I will be spending two weeks visiting the following cities:


Any locals like to meet for a drink, coffee or perhaps dinner?

I will privately provided dates etc.


I’m in the “Antwerpen” area, if you are passing there i will be happy to introduce you to one off the best beers in the world :wink:

I also make some decent spinach pastas and have a mountain bike background.


I think Gent is the closet I get.

Normally, I would make a detour to meet with a local, but I will be on an organized bike tour. The only full days I have will be before the
tour in Amsterdam and Brussels.

I hear that Amsterdam has the best beers in the world?


That is how wars are started! :slight_smile:

I forgot the name of that brewery in the middle of the Antwerp, but I remember Tuesday 50% off specials. Hoegaarden is my favorite!


Or was it botanicals?


indeed :wink:

Take a tour to the beer museum in Amsterdam




@ Mike - told ya!


I will be making a quantitative analysis of the situation, and arrive at my own decision. :smiley:


Number 1 in 2013

Number 1 in 2012

Number 2 in 2011

and this is less than 100 km from Gent… if you like beer, should have been there… :wink:

Sante !


@ David@ Emrol - Thanks David. I will be taking the list with me.


@ patc - thanks for the info! we need to drink lots of beer prior to the trip so we are in proper condition.


@ patc - I only see Cerb40 in the middle. :wink:


Thats a “Dekoninck”, brewed in Antwerpen :

It’s a rater light beer if you compare this to the beers brewed in most abbeys :wink:

I would recommend :



@ David@ Emrol - I have tried both. Good suggestions!