"I own" update

Is it time to add FEZ Cerberus and FEZ Cerb40. :slight_smile:

+1… GHI is gonna hafta sell a three way pinch collar leash for these bad boys ;D

Aha, we got something better coming up in couple weeks

And here we go again… :smiley:

Gus I’m hoping in a couple of weeks there are some new modules as well, and if there is a new mainboard even better. A while ago you hinted about a bunch of new modules coming this year and the first quarter has pretty much come and gone and my credit card has yet to be truly punished with Gadgeteer purchases.

I realize you are a very busy guy with new mainboards, new modules, new 4.2 firmwares, drivers, etc, but get some stuff out there so we can send you some money. Frankly Gus your a work savage doing all of this, but please don’t take on so much that you choke as shipping matters as that is where the money hits your bank account and keeps all this stuff going. GHI Electronics is a huge part of Gadgeteer, in fact you’re somewhat the Gadgeteer champion so while its good to push hard, don’t end up in the ditch because you pushed just a little to hard as that would be very bad for all of us.

Thanks for the good words but GHI is not a one man company. We actually hired a web developer, 2 engineers and 3 new people to the production team last week alone :slight_smile:

Oh yes, we are also still hiring more smart developers if anyone want to have fun and make money :wink:

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I hope that web dev is a search expert :wink:

Good to hear about the new staff Gus as its our every intention to spread the word about Gadgeteer and GHI Electronics.

At some time soon we will have to breach that next level and take a prototype to production, which should be interesting.