I need to up my webbie skils - accepting user input

I’ve been poking through CodeShare and the forum but I think I’m going to need a little newbie help given how important the role of the web server is in Gadgeteer. Now some of my projects have had a webserver and had images etc on them, but they are have been pretty much ‘read only’ and I need to expand the functionality of my web pages to accept user input, for example to allow the user to set the duration of some timers on the device. Is there a really clean sample or something I’ve missed, or would someone mind building a quick sample as once I see the basic idea working for say a Spider, I can run with it from there. I’m thinking something like a form post or some other way to get data to the device.


You can start here :


I’m helping a newbie to build its first dynamic page, using Form POST and posted header retrieval !

If you need more, you can post on this thread with him !