I need professional help

I can’t help myself… ::slight_smile:


Here you are : I double the lashes… :hand:

That is a nice board! We did not that at the weekend. More details?

Is this first step of a 12 step program? We are here to support you.

@ Mike - can you be my sponsor? ::slight_smile:

@ stu - the boards were sitting on the table, you might need to pop into spec savers :smiley:

256kb ram
2mb flash
lipo support
xbee socket
sd card
optional double overhead cams and racing stripes… 8)


you have my address. Send all remaining stock to me now - populated or not, just get rid of them. Out of temptation’s way that way !


@ Brett - but how in good conscience can i spread this heinous disease down under?

has that ever stopped you ?

And remember that we’re here to help YOU and we’re professionals, you asked for professional help. You need not worry about us, we’re big enough and ugly enough to look after ourselves. (Just ship it !)

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You might be beyond mere professional help, we might have to call in the Pros from Dover or Winston Wolfe.

Well if you will keep ""indulging "…
It will effect you’re eyesight you know :smiley: