I need more Digital I/O for my FEZ Domino

Hello guys,

I need more digital I/O for my domino, but i dont know what kind of shield i should buy, please help me

Thank you.

how about this one?


i dont understand how it works, in the pictures you can see that they are using another extender.

Take a look at this:


showing the component shield also.

If you don’t need USB Host - why not use a Panda? :slight_smile:

is It strictly necessary to use the component shield for make I/O Extender to work ?

I don’t understand that part

MarkH: I can’t use the panda because i already bought 2 dominos, so i need to use them.

You can use the component shield to simply “plug and play” or you can do some soldering and connect the board directly to the I2C pins.