I met with some difficulties when design a power bank, need help!


About a couple days ago, i bought a power bank from this website:www.koeok.com, the design isn’t half bad when compared with other power bank products. So, i decide to design one by copying the critical technique from them. However, I met with some difficulties on the way. I’m at half of designing it and the power bank suffer from overheating issues, Well, the thing is, i need a circuit for this, anyone can recommend me a shop?Will a LM7805 1300mAh Ni-MH battery work on a 6V input?

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What mainboard are you trying to power with this? ( please note, if you’re just after general electronics/power/battery help, there are probably a thousand places more relevant to ask that question. )

Go to the Seeed Studio website and have a look at the LiPo Rider Pro. It’s open hardware and it may just do what you want.

I use this with a 6600mA Battery with Cobra 2 board and it works very well.

Will those boards work with a Ni-MH as well as a LiPo?

Nope, charging NiMh principles are different from LiPo :naughty:

Thanks - That’s what I wanted to verify.