I heard a rumor

I heard that MS is actively looking for developers to join their team in this market space.


Will GHI provide letters of recommendation? :whistle:

And they haven’t called me yet? How thoughtless. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@ iamin - Anything is possible for the right price! :whistle:

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@ Skewworks - lol

You think they want to open a new Office for that in between Munich and Regensburg? :whistle:

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - lol…unfortunately no, you will have to move to Redmond.

time to start the hard talk with the wife then :slight_smile:

hmmm not sure how to say this sweetheart, but it is time for us to move, as I finally landed a JOB where I will play more than I will work :). Honey there is only one caveat to this, well you’ll still have to find a job and work!

what do you all think, will that fly?


@ Jay Jay - If you wear the pants in the family! 8)

Pants??? what are those? I don’t remember what they looked like the day we got married. the good thing about not having Pants, well i’ll let you imagine the rest :slight_smile:

@ Jay Jay - now I have to act like you weren’t talking to me…lol

So, basically, no. :wink:

Gary, keep in mind that in some parts of the world (where they speak English with funny accents), pants means something different than it does here in the US.


@ devhammer - lol…fair point.

is it that obvious ;).
between her and the two kids, I wouldn’t dare to say I call the shots :naughty:


Bwaha get the brain bleach, I have a mental image now

Gary is the best tech guy and knows how to post professional images on the web.

Is that good enough to get a recommendation Mr Gary sir?

@ Dave McLaughlin - Just keeping digging that hole… 8)

You mean underwear (in the UK)

You have to be careful with some words, like the term the USA uses for your rear end and starts with F.


Like the UK guy who asked his north American room mate “Please knock me up a 6”.

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