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I got my panda, it looks good


I just got my panda today. It is samller than I was thinking. Very good.
I am looking forward to see the FEZ Panda Base Board.
Does the firmware is the latest?


For Xbee board, what is the corresponding pin to Panda?


The pin out is the same as the domino
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Its already on the NETMF projects page

Cheers Ian


For XBee Expansion, so, Tx to Com1 in, Rx to com1 out, right?
And for the XBee Expansion board, there are two versions, 5V and 3.3V,
I think my XBee Expansion board is 5V ?


Yes! The picture is for receiving on the cobra and transmitting with the domino.

If the Xbee is 5v just change the 3.3v pin for the 5v next to it on the panda.

The com1 in and com1 out are 5v tolerant so that doesn’t matter.

Cheers Ian


Dear IanR:

Does the first step for configuring the Xbee must be done before using with FEZ?


Most people on this forum that use this device, configure it first if you watch the FEZ video

Shows how to configure Xbee

Then watch this video by Robert!! He has done most of the hard work for you

Cheers Ian


Did you search the wiki for “xbee”? :slight_smile:

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I followed the MFproject site and configured the Xbee already.
Before using FEZ, I used the Imote2.NET to do the wireless sensor networks.
However, the MF of the Imote2 is 2.0, and they don’t have plan to change it to 4.1.
So I am considering use FEZ instead of Imote. But for wirelss application, the Imote have more complete API for using than FEZ. So, If the Xbee related drivers and class can be included in FEZ’s API in the furture version, It should be useful for many users.


I got my Panda a day ago and got it all working yesterday. I was able to get one while they were at the special price and I am really impressed with this. Previously, I had used SimmSticks for prototyping, but they are getting really pretty old. I plan to switch all of my dev platform to FEZ based stuff. I work primarily in C# for other projects and being able to use the same tools for micro projects looks like a big win.