I found something old

I was going through some old electrical/electronic things I had.

I found some old coax cable and some “T” connectors…

Took me awhile to remember what it was for.

Anyone remember Ethernet over Coax with 'Termination and both ends of the coax. The 'T" connectors…

Guess I’m REALLY getting old…

I used to work in a lab where this stuff was strung all over the place. Somebody would trip over it or dislodge the terminator in one place and the whole thing went kerplooey-kerplunk. Made network admin a real treat (not).

I have some old 3com cards (ISA bus IIRC) that I can send you too if you want :wink:

Yep been there done that lol

My first computer related job involved running lots of that type of networking with Netware on top. I remember when CAT5 starting becoming popular and telling the boss that looked like a better solution. He didn’t agree. We weren’t in business but maybe another year after that. I still have a handful of those connectors in my networking toolbox that I kept when we shut down. :slight_smile:

there a some old cable comming out of the wall…
soooo old I’m

And in those days I worked for Novell and wrote the drivers for those Ethernet cards.

Oh…good to be able to put a face to the many curse words I threw your way :wink: Na, actually it worked pretty well once you figured out how you were going to route the wire.

NLM’s, those were the days

I installed my first home network with those things that I found in a dumpster.

Your profile’s a great read, sounds like a diverse and interesting life.

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Like harleydk said, your profile is a great read.

Strange how a old hunk of Coax can bring back memories. Has been fun!

I rember using the old coax, my boss at the time used to go nuts every day because the network would go down. I kept telling him that he should stop making the cables himself and using a pair of pliers to crimp the BNC on, but he wouldnt listen. I eventually bought him a proper crimp tool for BNC’s :smiley:
Its amazing especially as we were a broadcast services company and the same BNC’s are used for video coax even to this day.

Just read your Bio too, very interesting read. I bet you have some stories to tell…:slight_smile: