I feel dirty™

So i swore i would never leave my beloved C# and go to the dark side…

But needs must and at $1.30 in singles the STM32F030F4 is the ticket for this latest mad capped idea.
With a whopping 16KB flash and an impressive 4K of ram C++ is in order :nauseated_face:

Gordon Bennett the development experience is ugly compared with NETMF/TinyCLR

At least i can still use Visual Studio with VisualGDB and even have break points.

But it’s still FUGLY compare to C# - bloody Microsoft and their lack of support.

So i have it blinking and sending fluff via serial with a Lora radio and with some white mans magic down to 45nA in sleep…

Did i mention the development environment is FUGLY…??

Only saving grace is the $1.30 STM32 :joy:


No cost savings is worth having to develop in that mud.


Curious as to how you got VS2017 setup with debugging, I was only successful at that with Atrollic Studio. If you could share some tips that would be great. Remember even the CLR of TinyCLR is made from C++ so you always have to do some work in that code. Just better to have the high-level language support for the main app stuff.

as @Justin say i still can use Visual Studio with VisualGDB and even have break points.

Take a look at that tutorial.


VisualGDB is well worth the price but as Justin says, it just doesn’t compare to using C# and NETMF/TinyCLR

I am trying to debug and work on an ESP32 project just now and it’s hard work with the dev environment using VisualGDB and a JTAG connection. It’s just not as stable or as enjoyable as using USB with NETMF/TinyCLR.