I Believe I Can Fly (the story of GHI from the sky)

Instead of telling you how amazing my quadcopter is, I thought I would just show you instead! 8)

(Good thing I don’t get paid by my video editing skills!)


Another dedicated GHI employee hard at work! :open_mouth:

@ Gus Please don’t check the timestamp of the video! :whistle:


What kind of quad is it? I do like the production room footage. How about another vid of it chasing Gus down the hallways of GHI?

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@ ransomhall - its called a Phantom 2 flying camera. a company called DJI makes them (edited)

Next up… NETMF gimbal

@ ransomhall - We had a static shot of Gus’s bloody fingers sometime ago. I think that was from one of these chases. :frowning: :wink:

@ FireyFate - theres another gimbal that u can buy for it, but it was outside of my price range at the moment. and if i were to get it, i would just buy a go-pro camera instead of the stock camera that comes on it. … but again i need to save a bit of money, the copter itself took most of my savings

Nice vid. Ive been thinking about getting a phantom 2 and adding the H3 2d Gimbal.
Lets have some more vids of the shop floor please? Gus promised some nice vids when you guys were moving into the new building but i dont remember seeing any once you were all moved in :slight_smile:

@ HughB - i definitely recommend the gimbal. the one that it comes with it is garbage.

Very cool and I love it.

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Nice! :clap:

@ ransomhall - i dont think he’d like that very much seeing as how i’ve put carbon fiber blades on it. (laughs) :naughty:

@ Amanda - how much better is the performance with the CF blades??

+1 for a video of Gus being chased down the hall by this beast.

Poor Gus. ;D

What a fun way to lose weight

That’s a lot of running!!!

runs and hides :whistle:

@ HughB - a little better stability. not too big a difference,

Look at this…Isn’t it amazing ?

@ LouisCpro - yes, ive actually seen this… and many others. its incredible some of the footage from all over the world that people have posted. it really is amazing. i was also able to more than double my flight range by modifying the antenna. i can get up to 2500 feet away now. before was barely 900. 8)