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I appear to have hosed my Cobra


Well, well, well, the FEZ Hero asking for help ::slight_smile:

At any rate, I think I somehow got my Cobra into a bad situation. I went the update to the latest beta and now my Cobra is stuck in “TinyBooter Mode”.

I started off by using Teraterm to upload the TinyBooter image. This completed and the FEZ then showed something like:

TinyBooter Mode

I can’t get the FEZ to come up on MFDeploy, nor can I get it back to the bootloader menu to attempt to reflash it. Any ideas?


Nevermind. It looks like the “debug com port interface” got stuck somehow. I had to restart my PC, but it’s working now. :smiley:


Pfew, glad the cobra is still alive. :o
A situation which can happen to all of us. Thanks for posting the solution. ;D


Yeah, this kind of thing is never gong to be fatal. GHI seems to always have a safety net under the layers of firmware, so it should be pretty much impossible to brick unless you do something totally extreme. In this case, the Vcom port driver just froze.


Geez Chris, this thread had me really worried when i first saw it! At least it was just something software based rather than “oops i think i connected wire A to Pin 4 instead of pin 3…” sort of thing.

Good to hear it’s all working.


NEVER be ashamed to ask for help

You can find answers in the most unsual places…

We all cram our brains with .net framework, c++, c#, visual basic, new platforms etc…

Then we forget how to make tea…

I have been an embedded designer for over 15 years and I still forget to turn off the power supply when extracting components ( demetia setting in )
I was checking out hoe many qualified people using this forum now… and guess what.

We have everthing we need to do! virtually covered… its brilliant to see…To many years I’ve walked alone…

Keep it up everone.