I am loving mbed!

This is my first time I really dig into mbed! I know crazy, but I am very impressed! The way everything is online and the compiler just looks great and the on top of this everything is already tied to source control system and then everyone can use everyone one else code and commit back… this is open source done right and it is on steroids!

If it was not for debugging and visual studio, I would pick this over NETMF! But for complex applications, NETMF is still a king. For smaller things that run on a $2 micro, mbed is a rock star!

We have completed all pages and sent a request to mbed to release so it should be hours before the platform is live. Well, it is the weekend so maybe more than hours but very soon.

Stay tuned for an announcement and few more MUST-HAVE outrageous circuit products :clap:



We are looking forward to the platform release. Can’t comment on the NETMF since I have no experience with it. The mBuino has totally taken my interest and I’m considering other mbed platforms for some of my projects. From a hobbyist perspective mbed brings lots of processing power, program memory and variable RAM.

Onward. Now go build something.


@ Gus -

Take a look at LPCXpresso (Free Edition) NICE!

Also is possible, specially for STM32 MCU’s, doing offline MBED development with CoIDE.
In most cased nice and powerful as Visual Studio.