Hydrofoil bike

Has anybody tried to ride one?

Looks like a lot of fun.

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@ Architect - looks like alot of fun, I just don’t know if I am coordinated enough or “lite” enough to ride one.

In case anyone else is wondering how in the world it works… Pretty neat.

I think I’d prefer this variant, though.

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@ ianlee74 - In both videos, it begs the question…isn’t “water” rather an important part of water sports? If I wanted to ride a bike and stay dry, I can do that on any road. :slight_smile:

Or, at least, stay dry until I stop hopping or pedaling.

I dunno, I really like the water, enjoy sailing, water skiing, etc. This looks interesting from an engineering standpoint, but I don’t think I’d enjoy actually doing it.

I’d hate to get stuck in a storm on one of those things haha

I would not try it anywhere other than lake and definitely not during a stormy weather.

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Where is your sense of adventure… :slight_smile:

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Besides, as the inventor of a lightning detector Gadgeteer module, who would be better positioned to know when a storm is coming and get off the water…?

But can you pull a trolling hook behind your car? I suppose if you’re in good enough shape you could pull someone in an inner tube.

Isn’t one of the main benefits of the hydrofoil that, since you don’t run on the (wavy) top of the water, you’re much less susceptible to rough weather?