Hydra with Sytech Desings LCD Touchscreen 4.3"

Hello, I use Hydra with Sytech Designs LCD TouchScreen 4.3" 480 x 272 px.
I’d like to use LCD without Sytech driver - it causes several faults (it’s unusable).

By default, Hydra can use only 320x240 resolution - read only values SystemMetrics.ScreenWidth and SystemMetrics.ScreenHeight are 320 and 240.
So Bitmap command accept only 320x240 resolution (eq. Bitmap LCD = new Bitmap(320,240)). Larger values are ignored without error and any action.

I need change settings of Hydra to work with LCD 480x272. Simplified, i need change SystemMetrics.ScreenWidth and SystemMetrics.ScreenHeight to 480 and 272.
Thanks for any advice.


  • install Sytech LCD driver
  • add Sytech LCD to designer a connect it to Hydra
  • run any program (eq. Hello World). It initialize display settings. Great - SystemMetrics.ScreenWidth and SystemMetrics.ScreenHeight are 480 and 272!!
  • delete LCD in designer
  • Bitmap and other commands works fine
  • setting is permanent. But firmware update reset Hydra to default. And i can start workaround again:-)

The best way would be by taking our driver fro our T35 display and then changing it appropriately to your 4.3" display.

Welcome to the community.

Thank you for quick response.
I have have same problems with T35 driver as with Sytech driver:-(
Mainboard doesn’t reboot reliably during debugging, no Print.Debug messages in VS2010, exceptions etc.

Do you mean rewrite you driver and recompile it? I think, it’s too difficult for me:-( Where are sources?

No way without driver?

Use our source code as a reference and compile

@ andre.marschalek -
Yes, I can read system (motherboard) info and IP (i use network fw).
After firmware update, the display is black (only 320x240 area) a it displays (motherboard) info and IP. The other part of display is not initialized and it displays white or RGB lines.

Have your code check screen resolution on start and if it is not correct have it change and reboot. This has always been an issue for non 320x240 screens (which is the default size).

@ Skewworks -
Good idea.
I tried code below, but I got this error ‘Gadgeteer.Modules.Module.DisplayModule.SetLCDConfig(Gadgeteer.Mainboard.LCDConfiguration)’ is inaccessible due to its protection level’.
What’s wrong?

private void InitLCD()
if (SystemMetrics.ScreenHeight != 272 || SystemMetrics.ScreenWidth != 480)
GT.Mainboard.LCDConfiguration lcdConfig = new GT.Mainboard.LCDConfiguration();
lcdConfig.Height = 320;
lcdConfig.Width = 240;

May not be allowed outside of modules, haven’t had cause to try on Gadgeteer yet.

Perhaps if you put that same code into the constructor for the display module?

My problem is solved with NETMF 4.2, Hydra firmware and modified LCD T35 driver (Width 480, Hight 272).