Hydra UART Ports

I have a Hydraboard and I connect the TB10 Breakoutboard to the soket 6 of the Hydra. Now I want to use this serial port to control a
motorcontroller. Does anyboy know how is the UART Number mapped to the socket ? If I understand it right when COM1 is UART0… .
So I have to know the UART Number of this port to initialize the Port. Are the UART Ports are 5V tolerant ? Because the controller send 5V on RX signal back.


Hello Gus,
I read the socket definitions already but I can’t find the UART Number. I have read the UART document and there
I see I have to know the COM number to make a new SerialPort instance. Can you tell me the document or something like that where I can
find the UART numbers ? Or do I make a fallacy ? And are the Hydraboards Inputs 5 tolerant ?

Oh I see. You can find this info in the schematic. We also added a class called pins in the latest SDK, it may have this for you but not sure.

Hydra is not 5v tolerant.

@ CS5798 - Some chips have one for one UART to COM like the STM chips, Atmel however does not as in the Hydra. So typically, UART0 would be COM1, however, the processor on the Hydra has a special Debug UART port so UART0 would be COM2 and UARTD would be COM1.

thanks for this note. I have found out that I can read out the COM port name via the TB10 Breakout class. I wonder why it is COM4.
But now it makes sense.
Thanks to all.