Hydra is on its way while I wait for the Spider

I just couldn’t wait anymore so I order a Hydra Kit and some goodies while I’m waiting for my Spider kit to ship. I have a ton of projects that I want to build and I’m just stoked over the Gadgeteer concept, so now that I’m in, keep feeding my Gadgeteer addiction with cool new modules (some RFID modules would be cool for example, and I trust at some point they will be available).

Yahoo, let the building begin…

RFID is already on the list.

Hey, Duke, did you hear GHI already has 50 new modules planned for release in 2012! You better hurry up and get those projects done cause I’m sure there are a lot more ideas on the way!

I’m an idea man, and have done a couple of software companies and have grown somewhat bored with that game (I sometimes wonder if development tools/methodologies/etc are going backwards), but gadgeteer opens the door for ideas I’ve had kicking around for years, so now I can explore these ideas to the point where I can build a working prototype and flesh out the idea and show it to others, so once I get a couple of projects finished then the game sort of expands to include how to take a gadgeteer prototype to a marketable product (another reason why I’m really excited to see GHI putting in an assembly line).

Is this list of upcoming modules available anywhere as it would help me line up the projects according to when modules will be available?

Sometimes I feel like that kid in the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ except ‘I see users’ and I see them using gadgets that don’t exist yet and that I just haven’t felt motivated to build because of the work involved in making the prototype, but with Gadgeteer, I’m excite to build them now.

I understand. If only I had enough time to bring to fruition the ideas I have… :wink:

Check out this WIKI page. There has been no official announcement from GHI regarding the upcoming modules but this is the list we’ve been building and GHI is second to none at giving it’s customers what they want :wink: Feel free to add any to the list you might need that aren’t there.


Must be my lucky day as my Fez Spider kit shipped today so now its a race to see which gets here first as the Hydra had four day headstart. I’m wrapping up some renovations in my office so play time is going to be great as the timing is going to be pretty much perfect. What to build first, something for a 3 letter agency or something to start a new company with or something just because its fun, I think I go with fun first. At last I’ll have a mainboard (or two) to use the modules I’ve already purchased and received with, as having toys you can’t play with is killer.


When it comes to Gadgeteer, it’s not just fun first…it’s fun always! :slight_smile: