Hydra funkiness

Recently I started playing around with my Hydra, and haven’t yet been able to do anything useful with it. I downloaded the latest Jan 6 Gadgeteer package. I’ve only been able to start up up a few times and successfully debug with it. Most of the time I get “An error has occurred: please check your hardware” exception when deploying. And many times I cannot ping it via mfdeploy. I got the Hydra back in December and I suspect I need to update the firmware. How can I tell what version of the firmware is loaded?

Meanwhile the EMX dev board I use works great.

@ rocketbob

Have you seen http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Firmware_Update_FEZ_Hydra ?

Might have some helpful info.

I have seen it and I did update the firmware per the wiki. I’m not sure the firmware updated correctly so I’m wanting to verify the correct version is loaded.

Does anything show up in “Devices & Printers”?

Have you tried a different USB cable and different USB port?

@ rocketbob

Here’s what mine shows when I fire it up with the T35 LCD from my spider starter kit:

Except it is not spider, but hydra. ;D

I don’t have the T35 display, so I can’t see anything.

I just went thru the firmware update process, and updated everything. All ran without a hitch. Previously I got some errors while MFDeploy was writing to flash.

When I create a new Gadgeteer project in the IDE and try to deploy, I am not able to set a breakpoint on the Debug.Print line of code that the project generates. The yellow caution icon is below the breakpoint and when hovering over the breakpoint it says “the breakpoint will not be hit. The specified module is not loaded.” Doesn’t matter where I stick the breakpoint, the same thing happens in the auto-generated code. However everything works fine when running the emulator. So I think there’s some sort of assembly mismatch with what references the IDE uses when creating a new project vs. whats on the device.

@ Architect

Right…the mainboard that’s connected in that pic was my Hydra. What I was pointing out was that the display used is the one that comes with the Spider Starter Kit.

@ rocketbob

Perhaps Gus or one of the other GHI folks can weigh in. I’m not sure how to tell what firmware version is on the board without the display. I’m sure there’s probably a way to do it from MFDeploy, but not sure how.

It appears most of the assemblies being deployed are 4.1.2821.0.

Use mfdeploy to run device capabilities. The firmware version is there.

From device capabilities:

HalSystemInfo.halVersion: 4.1.2821.0
HalSystemInfo.halVendorInfo: Microsoft Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rig
HalSystemInfo.oemCode: 255
HalSystemInfo.modelCode: 0
HalSystemInfo.skuCode: 65535
ClrInfo.clrVersion: 4.1.2821.0
ClrInfo.clrVendorInfo: Microsoft Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rig
ClrInfo.targetFrameworkVersion: 4.1.2821.0
SolutionReleaseInfo.solutionVendorInfo: Copyright © GHI Electronics, LLC
SoftwareVersion.BuildDate: Jan 6 2012
SoftwareVersion.CompilerVersion: 410462
FloatingPoint: True
SourceLevelDebugging: True
ThreadCreateEx: True
LCD.Width: 320
LCD.Height: 240
LCD.BitsPerPixel: 16
AppDomains: True
ExceptionFilters: True
IncrementalDeployment: True
SoftReboot: True
Profiling: False
ProfilingAllocations: False
ProfilingCalls: False
IsUnknown: False

Perhaps my problems are a result of not having an LCD connected?

what is the speed of your PC processor? :o

3 Ghz Athlon Windows 7 64 bit.

Interesting… those of us with beefy PCs seem to be having Hydra problems.

@ rocketbob - see this thread http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/21/5470

If someone needs to downgrade, I’ll be glad to consider a trade :wink:

Yep I’m having similar problems as described in the other thread.

Knowing what I know now I suspect there is some sort of USB issue. Thru mfdeploy if I ping it rapidly it will not respond.

Could be that the USB stack in the Atmel processor has some issues.

I am connected via a USB hub and have had my EMX connected to the same hub and never had any problems.

We will try to repro this on our end.

Here’s an example of the responses I get doing rapid pinging from MFDeploy:

Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
???Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
?r??Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
t CorpPinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR