Hydra Firmware Update - Tinybooter version mismatched

I noticed Latest one is
FEZ Hydra v4.2.5.0
TinyBooter v4.2.5.0,

but in my case it showing as

Loader (TinyBooter) Version:
Firmware (TinyCLR) Version:

before I do something, I need your advice

this is with reference to TOPIC [Question]2 dead hydras

They should match. If re-applying the firmware doesn’t work, then I would uninstall everything GHI, re-download, re-install, re-apply the firmware.

Fez config does not update tinybooter. It is done manually.

Yes. I see now how my last post could have been confusing. Amit, please be sure and follow my instructions from the other thread on updating TinyBooter.

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Thanks everyone.

I could make my hello world running in Hydra after using manual firmware update - also need to change USB port.