Hydra Firmware Downgrade

Since both touch and Socket 14 are bugged to death in 4.2 the Hydra is currently completely useless to me for working on GameSlate.

So I decided to downgrade to 4.1 but can’t seem to manage. I have followed the 4.1 updater steps to the letter and it gets me no where. After removing the SD and rebooting it goes straight back into the application I had on there. I even gave it extra time.

How do I get this back to 4.1 so I can do some work?

Did you try using the jumper method on socket #3?

No I haven’t, I’d rather not. I’d had no problems working w/ the SD method prior to this release of 4.2 and the upgrade went just fine, going the other way not so much.

I don’t even know if 4.1 will fix the issue, I’m just hoping since previous 4.1 code had worked but that was several updates ago and I don’t know if any 4.1 stuff was broken like 4.2 was.

Looks like somebody is not able to downgrade with Spider as well


I’ve managed by using the 4.2 Updater and pointing it to 4.1.

Yeah 4.1 updaters are too out of date. The ones in 4.2 SDK are tested with both 4.1 and 4.2. And there is manual update of course.

I would be very interested to know if the move back to 4.1 made a difference with the issue.

Huge difference. Everything works much better in 4.1 and I’m able to proceed with development.

@ Skewworks - Thanks, that is good to know…